November 6th, 2011

Cindy Domingues

South Africa

Words can’t describe the happiness to read such a beautiful testimonial of how we made a bride so happy!
Each client is very special for us so we try our best to make them feel special!

Cindy wrote me:

Here is a write up of my experience with you guys.Enjoy!

My experience in dealing with Patricia Nascimento and the lovely Rose and Tina here South Africa was an absolutely amazing upmarket and welcoming one. As soon as I saw the wedding dresses on the website I had to go see them for myself and try a few on.Upon entering the shop Rose and Tina welcomed me in with such professionalism and yet made me feel comfortable like old friends having a chat. I walked around the shop while Rose and Tina helped me select a few dresses that would suit my body shape.I tried on two dresses and I had found “THE ONE”! It was absolutely beautiful and when I walked out the curtains it had made my mother and maid of honor burst out in unison “NOW THAT’S A CINDY DRESS!”. It was then I looked into the mirror and I was blown away…it was perfect and exactly what a wanted. I wanted a dress that would steal the show and be the talk of the town for the rest of my life. Every time a wedding dress would be spoken about, it would be about mine! The wonderful ladies at Patricia Nascimento in South Africa gave us fantastic service they showed me veils and trains for the dress and I unfortunately couldn’t afford both the dress and train for the day. The ladies had spoken to Patricia about the train and she decided to make one specifically for me for my special day and loaned it to me with no extra cost. All I had to do was give it back to them in the same clean way it had been given to me. That feeling of having someone help you to make your day everything you want it to be, was amazing.They had brought so much happiness to me and when I walked down the aisle the dress with the veil and train had blown my husband away… he was in awe and tears at how stunning I looked all because the ladies at Patricia Nascimento and Patricia herself had gone out of their way above and beyond. I never had a day of stress with my wedding dress. As soon as I paid the deposit in May,they told me they would try get it here by August but that it would probably only come in November…which i was happy with.It came on the 1st August and they phoned me straight away for a fitting…. it fit like a glove -PERFECT! Even when it came to 2 weeks before the wedding they had to tailor it for me a little as I had lost more weight,which they were more than happy to do - without an extra charge, and then got it dry-cleaned for me again without charging me. When I picked up my dress they gave me my train and veil. It was neatly pressed and clean and Rose and Tina were just as excited for me as I was for myself and it felt as they had become family in those few meetings. They offered to stay after work to see me, if I needed something and they were always going over and above what I expected. Even after my wedding day, I had to do a re-shoot as it rained and I didn’t get pictures with my husband, they allowed me to keep the train till after the re-shoot was done. They sent flowers to thank me for the business and yet I felt like I owed them more than flowers back for the amazing service I received. They always delivered if they made a promise and even when I didn’t expect something they knew how to make it happen to make my day even more special.

On my wedding day my mother and bridesmaids help me put on my dress and I felt so beautiful and like I had been dreaming. My dress made me feel every bit of a princess that you should feel on your wedding day. I walked down the aisle to gasps and ooo’s and aaahhh’s and whispers of how beautiful I looked. I had people come up to me and take pictures and touch the dress and marvel how beautiful it was and how perfect it was for me and how it fit me like a glove and suited my body shape.I felt every bit of important on the day and had people telling me that they had never before seen such a stunning dress or a bride more beautiful than myself.

Its now 10 months later going on 11, and I still have messages on Facebook or twitter about my dress. I still get people commenting on how beautiful and perfect the dress was for me. I have people asking me if they can borrow it or send them a photo to show a friend what my dress looked like. I constantly am given compliments when they go to weddings that my dress is still the best they’ve ever seen… I’ve even had my own clients from work telling me that my dress looked even better than Princess Catherine’s (The Royal wedding). I looked more stunning and had more of a WOW factor. I thank you all for making me feel so special and that even months later I still feel as special as I did on my wedding day. You all made that happen for me and I have so many beautiful photos. When people ask me if I’d ever let my daughter use my dress for her wedding, would I allow her to?  Probably not… I love it too much that I never want it to get ruined and I want it to stay as beautiful as it is and its safe in the cupboard away from prying hands.

I will however hope the Patricia Nascimento’s shop will still be around with even a bigger workforce here in SA that I can buy her her very own dress from you for her wedding!

Thank you Rose, Tina and Patricia for making my wedding day one to remember!

With thanks

Cindy Domingues

Cindy Domingues

Cindy Domingues

Cindy Domingues

Cindy Domingues

October 8th, 2011

Bride’s Diary Australia

Patricia Nascimento

Today I’ve received a special package at the atelier!
Dana, our Australia manager, sent me the new edition of Bride’s Diary Australia, whch features one of my dresses in a very beautiful photoshoot.

I’m really flattered to be in such a nice magazine!

Bride's - Australia

Bride's - Australia

Bride's - Australia

August 26th, 2011

Dream dress

Samantha Lowe

Samantha, a bride from South Africa, has sent me some lovely photos of her wedding. Her dress was tailored made here Brazil and then sent to our shop in Johannesburg where she picked it up.

She wrote us:

“Hi Ladies,

I trust you are both well!

I promised to send you pictures of the wedding, I am SO sorry they have taken so long!

To say thank you to you both as well as Patricia would be such an understatement. You ladies made my dreams come true with the perfect dress! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for making a dress that will never be forgotten.

Enjoy the pictures!

All my love


Kind Regards,


Samantha Lowe

Samantha Lowe

Samantha Lowe

Samantha Lowe

July 1st, 2011

Red Carpet

Top Billing

On June 19th, I had the pleasure to see south african Top Billing host Jeannie D wear one of my dresses.
She was in Las Vegas to cover the Daytime Emmy Awards 2011.

She looks just gorgeous, doesn’t she?!


April 25th, 2011

The Sydney Bridal Expo


This weekend hosted Sydney’s most famous and longest running wedding exhibition event – The Sydney Bridal Expo.

For 22 successful years, the highlight of this expo has been the runway parades which feature 7 of the best bridal gown designers chosen by the hosts.
I am excited to announce that Patricia Nascimento’s designs were chosen to take part in this parade, however due to having just opened in Sydney there was not enough time to prepare.

I am confident we will be invited again next year to be part of the runway show. Many of the attendees at the parade were shocked that Patricia’s dresses weren’t in the parade after they saw our gorgeous stall. They recognise the superior quality and originality.
The ladies loved the albums of dresses and had trouble choosing a favourite as every one of them are stunning in their own unique way. Most were in awe by the backless dresses and the bow that appeared “stuck on” the model’s back was a topic of much conversation – ‘how did it stay in spot?’ was the question on everyone’s lips.

Overall, it was a fun and very successful weekend. Many brides-to-be showed up, despite the heavy rain, and Patricia Nascimento’s gowns once again caused a great sensation in Sydney!




April 12th, 2011

Beautiful bride



Hope you are well and had a wonderful festive season!

I really wanted to thank you and just let you know about my experience with a Patricia Nascimento Dress.

First of all thank you and Tina for your wonderful service, always so helpful and so wonderful. I felt so comfortable with you. Thank you for helping making my fairy tale dress for my big day come true.

When I first came into the store and tried on some of Patricia Nascimento Dresses on, I immediately fell in love. The dresses were none like I had seen before. They were honestly the most beautiful dresses I had ever seen.

I then decided to have a dress designed for me. And Patricia was able to take the picture I had in my mind and put it on paper. When I saw the sketches I was blown away. When I saw the dress I wanted to scream of happiness. It was love at first sight. It was PERFECT, BEAUTIFUL. It is the most beautiful dress I have ever seen, and I don’t know how I will ever thank you! It was the best part of the wedding, and one that I will treasure forever.

When I collected the dress I was having difficulty finding a head piece that would go with my dress, it was then that I met Patricia for the first time. She immediately picked out this gorgeous flower head piece that just added the final touch to my dress.

Patricia your work is amazing and it was such a pleasure meeting you. Your work is amazing and you are a wonderful person. Thank you formy dream dress!!!!!!!!

You took my dream and made it real!!!!!!

Rose and Tina – Thank you for your help inputting everything together, and for your assistance for the many times I came into the store. So wonderful to come to a store that is warm and friendly. I hope to see you again one day. If I need another dress for another special occasion I will be returning.

I wish you all the best for this new year.

Eu adoro o meu vestido!!!!

Muitos muitos beijinhos e abraços!!!!

Muito obrigada

Voces são tão queridas

Muito Amor


What else can I say? Thank you for choosing me to design the most special dress of your life!!!






April 1st, 2011

The beginning


There is no doubt that the women of Sydney are just as excited about Patricia Nascimento’s designs as the stylish ladies of Brazil and South Africa.
The beautiful Paddington showroom had not even officially opened its doors yet the socialites of Sydney were keen to be one of the first to wear one of her elegant gowns.
One such lady was the stunning Bianca Venuti, a regular on the social scenes of the Sydney glamour set and daughter of Maria Venuti, one of Australia’s best known performers with 50 years in the entertainment industry. Young ladies like Bianca could choose any designer they wish, yet Bianca wanted nothing more than to wear a Patricia Nascimento gown to her mother’s 70th birthday party, attended by over 400 elite Sydneysiders!

The eagerly awaited boutique has just opened its doors, a day after the very first wedding expo we exhibited at! Brides to be were gushing with excitement at the beautiful images of the Patricia Nascimento album of dresses and regularly commented that they were some of the most beautiful and original gowns they’d seen.
And that is where Patricia’s magic lies, for true design is at its best about innovation. Teamed with the finest of silks available and with stunning details to add the utmost of glamour, the result is inevitably a resounding WOW!
As women, we all love nothing more than to be the centre of attention, to look and feel fabulous, and Patricia Nasicmento’s dresses have the ability to transform every lady into a goddess. We are so excited to have one of the world’s best luxury gown designers in Australia!

Dana - Sydney Boutique

Bianca Venuti

The Wedding Expo



March 26th, 2011


New boutique

I’m proud to announce the brand new Patricia Nascimento boutique in Sydney, Australia!

Boutique in Sydney

The boutique info:

Suite 1/ 391 Oxford St
Mobile: 0415 929 854

On March 27 we’re going to be at a wedding expo as our first contact with australian brides!
For more details, click here!

January 31st, 2011


Colourful bride!

Hi there!

It’s been a little while since my last post. And I’m here to talk about a very special bride from South Africa.

I’ve never met Thula face to face. I had some information about what she wanted her wedding gown to look like and worked form there. She didn’t want a traditional gown and chose to have several colourful flowers on it. I drew a dress which was shown to her at our Jo’burg shop. I knew she trusted 100% on me and my work when she said she was sure the gown would look exactly like the gown she has always dreamed of.

I think it really matched her and her personality! She looks so happy and gorgeous! :)






Update: Thula commented this post and I thought it would be nice to share it here…

“My dress was amazing, it was exactly what I had envisaged…initially I was quite nervous about the logistics and getting the design right given that I am in South Africa and Patricia is in Brazil but it all worked out beautifully!

Great thanks to Patricia and the team both in South Africa and Brazil. You made my day very special.

Rose in South Africa, thank you very much for your patience and understanding girl, you were great and it was awesomeeeeee working with you.”

December 7th, 2010

One isn’t enough

Patricia Nascimento in a wedding

I had the pleasure to be a big part of Maritza’s wedding as I made several dresses for the occasion, as you can see in the pictures!
They were tailored-made from distance as I was in Brazil but I had the pleasure to meet the bride when she went by the shop to pick up her dress.


With her mother Hannetijie

Hannetijie and Maritza

Bridesmaids: Shani, Hanneke, Lelany, Rchele

by Patricia Nascimento

The young Jethany